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Elevate Your Brand with Engaging Corporate Videos

Welcome to PMAGI, where compelling stories meet great videos. As a Stockholm-based production company, we’re dedicated to crafting high-quality corporate videos that engage with your audience.

Let our expertise in storytelling and content creation elevate your brand and connect you to your target audience like never before.


Best team I’ve worked with when we created new beautiful pictures! Together we have stitched together a top delivery! Thank you best PMAGI AB Foto & Film for a great collaboration!

– Anna Roland Hedlund – Time Out Production

Collaborate to make Corporate Videos from Sweden

PMAGI can work with your inhouse team or handle the full process from idea, concept, and script to the final outcome, ensuring a smooth experience for you. PMAGI is also pleased to offer our expertise in contributing to specific aspects of your production, should you require it, for example, if you’re creating a global corporate video and only need footage from Sweden, we’re the ideal partner for you.

Customer cases

A full service video production company 

Engagement in your commissioned video

PMAGI, a Stockholm-based production company, is dedicated to providing corporate video production services to help businesses and organisations enhance their brand presence. Whether you are a foreign production company or a local business looking to create unique corporate videos in Stockholm / Sweden, we have got you covered with our great network. Through video, you can create lasting and valuable impressions that engage your target audience and increase conversions.

We produce various types of content, including commercials, corporate videos, social media videos, brand films, employer branding, and educational videos. As a video production agency, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between local production, may it be in Stockholm or the rest of Sweden, and filmmakers from all over the world. We have experience in collaboration with brands and production companies from among others USA, UK, Australia, South Korea, Ukraine, France, Germany, and the Nordic countries.

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Diverse Range of Corporate Videos

Our goal is to provide high-quality storytelling that effectively communicates your brand’s unique value proposition and sets you apart from your competition.

Expertise in Coordinating

Our skilled team expertly coordinates productions, including global collaborations. With us, you’ll have a dedicated production manager and seamless integration with your existing processes.

Our Approach to Corporate Video Production

We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and objectives, and then develop a strategy that focuses on purposeful storytelling. Our process involves:

– A start-up meeting to identifying the core purpose and stories that resonate with your audience.

– Discussions about script, whether you have written a draft that we can comment on, or if we start from the scratch. The purpose of this is to have a clear plan before film production.

– Wherever we see it fit, we aim to add that extra production value to create engaging content. It can be anything from coming up with a tag line to bring an extra piece of technical equipment for filming day, for example a drone.

– After filming, our professional video editors will put together your story to clearly communicate your brand’s message and unique selling points. Your dedicated production manager will keep you in the loop by sending drafts for approval.

A Production Agency with International Experience and Versatility

We have extensive experience working with both local and foreign production companies, providing a range of services from filming to editing. Our creatives are flexible, often working in small teams to accommodate specific requirements and following guidelines set by high-end agencies. We can work with your director live or via online platforms, or we can provide a director ourselves.

Leading Productions and Professionalism

Our experience spans across various Life science industries, and we are adept at understanding technical processes and handling high-security environments. Our team is also fluent in both Swedish and English, making communication seamless and efficient.

At PMAGI, we understand the importance of discretion and professionalism when working on corporate video projects. We are more than willing to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and adhere to strict security protocols to ensure your project remains confidential. We hold an SSG safety course certificate and have also completed local courses when needed, for example for entering small spaces. 

Collaborate with PMAGI for Corporate Videos in Stockholm

Experience the difference of working with a top-tier production company in Stockholm, Sweden. From high-quality content creation to full-range film production services, PMAGI is your one-stop-shop for all your needs in corporate video services. We strive to create engaging, professional videos that showcase your brand’s story and outshine your competition. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote and take your brand to new heights with our expert corporate video production services.

Ready to Create Engaging Corporate Videos?

Let PMAGI be the link between your international project and on-location filming in Sweden. Connect with us to discuss your film and photography needs, and our team will create the Swedish content you’re looking for, regardless of your location.

PMAGI – Your go-to remote production partner in Sweden.


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Hos oss på produktionsbolaget PMAGI AB Foto&Film i Stockholm jobbar ett effektivt team med bred kompetens och lång erfarenhet av foto- och filmproduktion. Vi kan ta hand om hela processen, från målgrupp, budskap & idé till färdig film och foto som ger rätt effekt. Vad är det för budskap du vill berätta? Hör av dig så spånar vi!